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About Us

About Us

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Our Story

Hermosa Sound Lab is a professional recording studio providing audio recording, mixing, mastering, live sound, production sound and stage rental services in the coastal community of Hermosa Beach, California.

Founded in 2024 by Alex Lockwood, our studio offers over a decade of audio engineering experience in a creative, comfortable, and collaborative environment. Alex got his start with Studio 637 in 2014 and acquired ownership of the company in 2017. He has had the unique opportunity to operate from the same location for a decade. The building has undergone a full renovation and has continually updated gear to stay at the forefront of the industry. Just blocks from the beach, Hermosa Sound Lab has worked with independent artists, record labels, filmmakers, voice over talent, bands, and clients throughout Southern California.

Alex and our team are passionate about sound and dedicated to realizing our clients’ creative visions. We continually invest in the latest audio gear and software as technology progresses to deliver high-quality products across all our service offerings.

Hermosa Sound Lab embraces a laid back and welcoming vibe while maintaining a professional workflow and attention to detail. Contact us today to start your next project.


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  • Josh Heinrichs
  • Once Dead
  • Kat Hall
  • Alyssa Barron
  • Kira Lingman / The Hollow Legs
  • V Torres
  • Zeal Levin/Triple Bueno
  • Liv Gibson
  • Jeff Baker
  • Mike Longacre
  • Stephanie Hatzinikolis
  • Mikey Jerome
  • Hugh DeFrance
  • Nick Shattuck
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Audio Books:

  • Anita Moorjani – If This Is Heaven
  • Janice Bryant Howroyd
  • Various Harper Collins Authors
  • Channon Rose – The Story of Channon Rose Lessons Between The Lines & The Story of Channon Rose Part II
  • Kori Clausen – Paddle Out: Death is Life Changing
  • Tina Quinn – Invisible Things: The Most Important Things in Life Are The Ones You Can’t See
  • Amy Blakeslee – Awakening Through Anxiety: A Journey to Find One’s True Self
  • Darryl Brown – Thinking About Your Thinking: Harnessing the Brain and Body’s Emotional Intelligence to Support Our Mental Health
  • Bill Von Fumetti – Keyboard Rich: How Any One Can Earn Six Figures from Home with a Simple Bookkeeping Business
  • John Teng – Hero Mindset: Become(ing) the Hero of Your Own Adventure
  • Karl McMillen, Jr., Bill Hayes, and Jennifer Thomas – Triumphs and Tragedies: A True Story of Wealth and Addiction
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Video/Live Stream:

  • California Roots Music Festival
  • Virgin Orbit
  • Western States Endurance Race 100
  • Forest Giants
  • BeachLife Festival
  • Beach Cities Health District
  • Jason Ferg
  • Gen.G Esports
  • Prodege
  • Iration
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Why Hermosa Sound Lab?

Professional Equipment

Outfitted with latest mics, preamps, plugins, and more

Adaptable Services

Recording, mixing, mastering, sound for video, live sound, gear rentals

Competitive Rates

Quality and service at affordable prices


Enjoy the laidback beach town vibe during sessions

Get in touch today to start your next project with qualified engineers in Hermosa Beach, serving recording artists and clients throughout Southern California.

What Our Clients Say

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