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Video Production Sound

Video Production Sound

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Enhance your video, film, commercial, or television production with professional on-location sound services from Hermosa Sound Lab. Our experienced production sound engineer expertly record crystal clear dialogue, ambient audio, foley, and sound effects.

We bring our Zoom F8n Pro field recorder along with shotgun mics, lavaliers, and accessories. Advanced timecode sync and backup solutions ensure every sound is cleanly captured. Monitoring allows for playback and confidence checks during shoots.

Our engineers position mics and work closely with your director and DP to get clean dialogue free of distractions. We adjust gain staging and placement between takes to match any changes in blocking or action.

Beyond spoken lines, we also capture essential ambient audio and sound effects happening on set. These elements are critical in post to seamlessly blend dialogue and enhance realism through the soundscape.

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Production Sound Equipment

With on-set recording expertise and post capabilities, Hermosa Sound Lab delivers professional quality production sound to elevate your project. Contact us today to discuss capturing the ideal sound for your next video production.

Post-Production services

Equipped with industry standard plugins from Izotope and an impressive collection of sound effects libraries, our engineers are able to treat and mix the on-set recordings with high-quality samples to bring your production to the next level.

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