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A collage of two photos: the top shows a man playing piano in a studio, the bottom a band performing live on stage with vibrant lighting.

Capture your musical ideas and bring your audio projects to life with Hermosa Sound Lab’s professional recording, mixing, mastering, live sound, and audio services for musicians, voice talent, and video production in Southern California.

Our experienced team and fully-equipped studio facility provide the technical skills and creative environment to record, mix, master, and produce quality audio. Take your tracks from raw recordings to radio-ready with our end-to-end services.

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Open and versatile, the live room is a 1,000 sq ft acoustically-tuned space. The sound of the room is largely attributed to the custom wooden slat wall, and acoustic treatment on the ceiling. The design of the live room produces different tonal characteristics in specific areas, allowing for more control, to better record a variety of instruments and sounds.


The isolated and tuned control room looks into the live room and vocal booth keeping everyone connected. Making sure the sound is true is very important, but so is your comfort. The control room features: A/C and heater control, a leather couch, and a large Sony TV screen.

Vocal Booth

The isolated Vocal booth is great for recording clean dialogue and vocal performances. The padded purple leather walls keep the room sounding tight, while keeping the performer isolated from extraneous noises. Amenities include; power, music stand, reading light, headphone amp and a selection of stools and chairs. With the ability to directly patch up to 4 microphones, multi-mic setups are a breeze.

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