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Audio Recording

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Get professional quality tracks recorded in Hermosa Sound Lab’s state-of-the-art studio facility. Our experienced team provides musicians, vocalists, voiceover artists, podcasters, and other creatives with a tailored recording experience.

Our fully equipped control room is centered around an SSL controller with a Switchcraft TT patchbay, monitoring by Yamaha and Dub Electronics Inc., and analog/digital connectivity. This routes signals through Universal Audio Apollo X interfaces to ProTools, Logic or Ableton. We are fully equipped with plugins from UAD, Waves, SSL, Soundtoys, FabFilter, Native Instruments and many more.

The acoustically tuned live room features variable acoustics to dial in the right sound, while the comfortable isolation booth is the perfect space to capture tight and detailed performances. Top vocal mics from Neumann, Royer, Telefunken, Shure, and Sennheiser capture pristine performances. The instrument backline is outfitted with premium amps like Vox and Mesa Boogie along with a Gretsch Catalina Maple drum kit, modern and vintage keys, and more.

Session musicians are available or clients can bring their own performers. We have contacts that coach and produce to capture inspired takes. Advanced and lightning fast editing, comping, tuning, and sound design realized in the mix process.

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Recording Spaces

Isolated Vocal Booth

Perfect for recording clean dialogue and vocal performances. Our booth has a floated floor and decoupled walls to ensure that extraneous noises don’t affect recording quality. Amenities include; power, music stand, reading light, headphone amp and a selection of stools and chairs. With the ability to directly patch up to 4 microphones, multi-mic setups are a breeze.

Live Room / Sound Stage

Our 1,000 square foot, multipurpose live room is a recording dream space. The wooden slat wall and sound clouds are arranged to give different spaces unique characteristics. Record tight dialogue in front of our 22 foot cyclorama or drums under the scatter plates in the center section for detailed cymbals. Rolling gobos are available to provide separation or tighten the sound. Up to 24 microphone inputs are available, patched directly through the wall plate.

Recording Equipment

Hermosa Sound Lab provides a relaxed and creative environment along with the knowledge, gear, and expertise to get great recordings. Contact us today to discuss rates and schedule your next session.


Our A1 Engineer, Alex, and his wife, Claire team up to produce and record audiobooks together. They specialize in local, self-published authors who seek comfort and guidance from an experienced team. Having produced, recorded, edited, QC’d, treated and delivered numerous books, they have been able to hone their process to deliver high-quality products quickly and efficiently.

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