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Browse a portfolio of recording, mixing, mastering, and audio projects completed by Hermosa Sound Lab.

Spanning independent music artists, bands, voice over work, audio post production for film/TV, and live events, these examples showcase our technical expertise and creative sensibilities.

Projects are searchable by service and include details like:

  • Client name and background
  • Project scope and objectives
  • Technical specs and equipment used
  • Audio samples
  • Client testimonials

This selection of work demonstrates our capabilities across recording, mixing, mastering, sound design, scoring, dialogue editing, foley, and live sound applications. Whether you’re looking for a music producer, mixing engineer, or sound team for your next project, our portfolio reflects our commitment to quality results and client satisfaction.

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Audio engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with recording, mixing, and reproducing sound.
Understanding digital signal processing is crucial for designing projects that involve processing audio signals digitally.
In sound engineering, a filter is used to manipulate the frequency content of an audio signal by attenuating or enhancing specific frequencies.

Building a circuit for an audio project involves components such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, and operational amplifiers to process and amplify audio signals.

To reduce noise in a circuit, you can use techniques like grounding, shielding, and filtering to minimize interference and improve signal quality.
Acoustics play a crucial role in designing audio projects by influencing how sound waves propagate and interact with the environment, affecting the overall sound quality.
Sensors can be used in audio engineering projects to detect various parameters like sound levels, proximity, or motion, enhancing the interactivity and functionality of the project.